Tuesday, June 7, 2011

21st Week BFC Day 1

Good morning friends. I wrote a nice post last night but somehow erased it :( that pissed me off so instead of writing another one I went to bed. I am having a good bfc week so far while hubby is gone. I had a little anxiety yesterday and the other night over getting a starter house and if we have enough money. Instead of emotional eating or drinking I made a list of what I can do now and when hubby gets back what we can do. I bought myself some cream roses yesterday and they are beautiful. I got the idea after Randi said she could buy her own flowers if she wanted them and she didn't expect her hubby to get them for her...and I though that makes a lot of sense, hubby has given me some beautiful flowers on special occasions but it is nice to have them a little more often.

I am staying busy by overhauling my apt while hubby is gone. I am going through our "catch all" spare room because we want to put a desk in there for hubby when he goes back to school. I hope to get it all done and surprise him when he gets home.

I went grocery shopping on Sunday and got several Think Thin protein bars. 0g sugar, 20g protein and gluten free. I had creamy peanut butter which was yummy. They have that protein bar taste and texture but I think they would be good once in awhile. I think I might keep one in my purse for when I am out and about and in my locker at work for when I have to work late. Planning is the key to setting ourselves up for success. Have an awesome day everyone :)

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  1. Keeping yourself busy is a good idea when we are alone. Good job on the no emotional eating. I know that is hard sometimes.
    Those bars are a good idea when you are out and hungry. Don't forget to count the carbs also.
    Have a great day :-)