Saturday, April 2, 2011

12th Week BFC Day 5

A very early good morning  to everyone, I can't sleep it's about 3am here. Last night when I got off work hubby had picked up some thin crust deLite pizza from papa murphy's, which was so nice because I was hungry hungry last night. The rest of the week I didn't eat that much for dinner cuz I wasn't hungry. I work at 10 so I have a snack around 12 and lunch 2-3ish and when I get off at 6:30-7ish I don't usually want to eat that much cuz we go to bed at 10-11ish. But last night boy howdy I was hungry.

We watched bravo's top chef all stars finale last night, I had mixed feelings about Richard winning he was kinda a jerk this season. I have watched all 8 seasons of top chef and hubby and I have watched probably 5 together. We don't have cable so we watch our stuff on hulu or we download it onto vuze. We don't plan on getting cable until football starts again, hubby is a huge huge college football fan and I am learning to love it. Several weeks ago the cable guy came to our door and offered us cable for $15 dollars a month and he was baffled when we told him we weren't interested.

So on my way home last night hubby asked me to stop and get some wine or beer, I told him that I didn't want to drink so he opted for a six pack of beer. I feel proud of myself for having some discipline and not having even one, because I love beer hubby has turned me on to some yummy beers. This is my second weekend not drinking and I feel good. I plan on having a glass of wine on Tues for our anniversary but other than that I'm on the wagon. :)

One of the things I love about having a blog is how therapeutic it is, I feel so much better when I have an outlet to get things off my chest. I also have a beautiful red journal that I use because in a blog you can't or shouldn't say every little bloody thing that is on your mind. I also love the sense of community that having a blog about the bfc I think it is the key to be staying with the bfc, because on my own I am sure I would have thrown in the towel. I would have thought this is not working for me and it is not worth it and I will always be this size. Rosalie and Amber have been so inspiring and encouraging because they show that if you stick to it and have patience and don't give up it can work. I am so grateful that I am now aware how terrible sugar is for us, it blow's my mind how many "healthy" diets are full of sugar. Just look at everything that is supposed to be heart smart, they have lowered the fat and added sugar. With the start of spring everyone wants to lose the winter weight for summer and every slim-down plan I see on the internet and in magazines is basically full of sugar, and it blows my mind. But not that long ago I was into those "healthy" eating plans, I thought low fat and  low sugar and fake sugar was a good way to go.

Well, I guess that's enough for now...hang in there bfc friends we can do this!!!


  1. See that's one of the things that I have learned on the BFC - to not let myself get hungry. That is where we make mistakes and eat too much.
    And - are you guys nuts?? $15 for cable I would die for - you should have done it.
    I do agree how helpful the blogs are. Very supportive and makes us all feel that we are not in this alone.
    Great day TO you :-)

  2. WoW Katie! YOu have had alot of posts that I have missed!! Just got caught up on whats going on with you. Sounds like you are doing great!! I am gonna mix things up a bit this week with my diet & see how it works out for me. I gained .2 ozs this week. I was soooo good too and even exercised a few times. (sigh) my track record is when I have a good week the next week is usually the same or up a little.
    Anyways, you have a great anniversary girl!!!
    Hugs to you! Ive missed ya girl!!