Wednesday, April 27, 2011

16th Week BFC Day 3

Hello everyone, I'm gonna keep this short cuz I'm tired. I've been thinking today about how life is often less than ideal. For example doing the bfc ideally we make our own food at home that way we know how much sugar and carb are in things....but what to do when that doesn't work out. Sometimes it seems we just don't have enough time to try to plan and make it happen. I think we just have to keep trying, keep working hard and figuring it out. Like last night when I had an arby's sandwich I could have had only half the bun instead of the whole sandwich. Or when I go places I can bring bfc friendly, vegans and vegetarians have been doing it for a long time so why can't I? I think sometimes I haven't because I don't want to draw attention to myself in what I am doing food wise.

What I have been learning is life is good, but too much sugar is terrible and fake sugar is worse. I read in a magazine at work that fake sugar can cause hair to thin...crazy huh.

Diana I love zumba, I love doing it in my own living room instead in a class so no one  can see my lack of rhythm or inability to shake my hips. Doing 20 mins in the morning is something that is realistic for me and I am trying hard to keep it up. I did my 20 mins this morning before breakfast even though it was super hard to get out of bed early enough to do it.

I love you guys and I think about you during my day. I wish we could have some coffee together and maybe a bfc friendly snack. I hope everyone has a great Thursday :)


  1. Don't be so hard on yourself on the choices you have made, just go forward and keep going. I am not embarrassed to say that I am on a low sugar diet, in fact I tell everybody. Embrace your you!!

    I too wish we could all meet once a week - that would be so great :-)

  2. Katie, we are all learning how to control our eating habits and sometimes it takes awhile to get it. Just hang in there and we are all here to support each other. What Zumba dvd do you have? I bought one for the wii but I really dont like it all that much.

  3. I think one answer is simply NOT to expect perfection. In life, or in yourself. The strategy about not eating the bun is a good one. I do this when I go to DD and have an egg sandwich. Take it a moment at time, a day at a time, a meal at a time. It's a long term goal, but the good news is that you HAVE the time. :)