Sunday, April 24, 2011

15th Week BFC Day 7...Our trip was fun and belly good :)

Hello friends and Happy Easter. We just got home and our trip was so much fun I did pretty good on my food choices :) First of all I am happy with how drinking went, we got some bud light with lime for me which on the back of the bottle it has 116 calories and 8g of carb, which is pretty cool that they put that info on the back usually it's a pain in the ass to find the info on beer. I like the taste and I am not missing my usual high carb beers.  Friday night I had two shots of woodford reserve bourbon which has 0 carb and 0 sugar in a glass with ice and I sipped it slowly and enjoyed it, then I had two bud light with lime. I know Jorge says that we can have two drinks but I really wanted a little of both. I felt fine the next day so I think once in a while a little  more is ok....what do you guys think?

In the car we snacked on peanuts, hard boiled eggs, baby bell cheese, and some sobe lifewater. The lifewater is too sweet for me and I don't like having to figure it in as a serving of carbs. I'm glad we had snacks we had a 2 hr delay due to an overturned semi :(

When we got there I snacked on water and a flax muffing thing while my hubby and our friend started drinking beer. I read an awesome book about how good chocolate is for us while I waited for his wife to get off work (since hubby and his bf were in their own world, which is good for them to have guy time) I will start sharing what I am learning from this book soon. For dinner we had chicken we were going to have asparagus, but the guys forgot about it, lol no big deal. Another couple came over and we had a great evening. I had one bite of this yummy cheese cake and didn't have a problem staying strong even when they told me I could have a little piece....(Thank you Rosalie for helping me to find some confidence in sticking up for myself).

Whole Foods was a big disappointment, they didn't have any nature's hollow or joseph's products. I guess I will have to order that stuff from amazon. We did get some clemmy's ice cream, and I tried a think thin bar, which is a protein bar sweetened with malitol instead of was just ok I don't like the weird texture and taste of protein bars.

It was a great weekend, next time I travel I need to bring some fiber, and more flax muffing things. The flax muffins are a great snack and a good source of fiber. I feel good about what I ate this weekend. I thought a weekend away would be a lot harder but it wasn't. When in doubt bring some belly good food to eat instead. I also brought smart and delicious tortillas to eat with breakfast.

Friday 20 mins Zumba before breakfast
Breakfast: breakfast burrito smart and delicious tortilla, turkey sasuage pepper jack cheese sour cream black coffee

Snack in car peanuts, 2 hardboiled eggs, 1 baby bell cheese sobe lifewater

Snack when we got to friends flax muffiny thing

Dinner chicken, 2 shots woodford reserve, 2 bud light with lime, 1 bite chocolate cheesecake

Breakfast: 2 fried eggs bacon smart and delicous tortillas small portion potatoes black coffee

Snack iced americano  with cream and flax muffiny thing

Dinner: 2 hamburger patties with cheese, avocado tomato, garden of eatin blue tortillas

Brunch: americano and sandwich with chicken, bacon avocado

Snack baby bell cheese, half of think thin protein bar

Dinner: salad with butter lettuce, watercress, heriloom tomato, pepper jack cheese celery cucumber avocado blackberry barleans as dressing, peach tea


  1. I think you did amazingly well:) Did you feel like you missed anything or did you feel like you were ready to pat yourself on the back? If I thought for one minute I could stop at one bite of sweets, I think I would finally have something. I'm afraid it would be a slippery slope for me!
    Great job!!!

  2. Well it sounds like you guys had a good time. Sorry you couldn't find those things at whole foods. I always get them at Henry's. I think its OK to have a few drinks once in a while. I don't agree about the every day thing. I think (and this is only me) but I think alcohol has way too many calories and interferes with our diet.
    Have a good day:-)

  3. Excellent strategies Katie, you planned ahead, bringing snacks and food that worked for you, you read lables, you chose according to plan in eating your meals. You had as much cheesecake as you wanted, and no more. And your alcohol choices were under control too. Great job! And, 20 minutes of Morning Cardio! You GO girl! I am definitely inspired, and off to do my own workout too. ":^D

  4. Great thing you had snacks! I hate waiting for a traffic jam and being just ready to eat. I have this problem driving home from work every Friday. I am needing to take your snack in the car idea. ;) Sounds like you had a wonderful time!! Glad you did and looks like you did great with foods which is always hard when your away from home. So I give you and "A" for that!! Keep it up! Great job.