Thursday, April 7, 2011

13th Week BFC Day 3

Thank you friends for your nice comments you guys rock. Yesterday for dinner I tried something that I have been thinking would be good for awhile and it wasn't...I took some shirataki noodles, put in pesto, chicken, parm and bacon and I thought it would be a yummy pasta type dish. Wrong. It was gross, and I ended up picking out the chicken and bacon. Hubby informed me that he doesn't like the shirataki noodles and he doesn't want them anymore. He is not a picky eater so it is funny to me when he has told me that he doesn't want something again....he hates spaghetti squash lol. 

On a different note, I have this rash around my nose called peri-nasal dermatitis, it's something I've had before I don't know what causes it, my dr. say's some folks just get weird breakouts of dermatitis sometimes. Anyway, I saw the dr. last week and he gave me an antibiotic for it, which is what he did before and it went away...the problem is I don't think it's doing anything and I've been a taking  it a full week. I am going to call tomorrow and see what they have to say, I'm just frustrated...I hate it and I  want it to go away. At least concealer makes it not so's just annoying.

Breakfast: 2 flax muffiny things with strawberry barleans on top, coffee

Lunch: tuna sandwich on Ezekiel 4:9 bread, macadamia nuts, lettuce soup with sour was a recipe I tried from sunset magazine...strange but good.

Snack: 1 baby bell cheese, hazelnuts, black coffee

Dinner: 2 super thin pork chops, 1 Italian turkey sausage, broccoli, 1 artichoke

*16 day pilates


  1. Hi Katie, I think maybe it was the combination of all those things that did it. maybe just the shirataki and pesto w/parm, and chicken on the side next time.
    Sorry about your rash - I hope it goes away soon. Thank goodness for makeup right?
    Have a good day :-)

  2. I noticed that you are doing Pilates Katie, at least I think so. If so, how is it going?