Saturday, April 16, 2011

14th Week BFC Day 4...Friday Rocked

Hello friends, I am so glad the weekend is finally here...whoo hoo. Friday was the best day, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed but when I got to work a super funny patient changed my mood. Which was the best thing that could have happened cuz we were super busy, but it was great and I loved it I earned my money for sure. Everybody was joking about wanting to drink after surgery and how good they felt on their pain meds, I find that funny I have a dry sense of humor and I like to joke about that stuff.

I got of work late and when I got home hubby and I decided to go out to dinner, we went to a restaurant I have been wanting to try it's the second location of the cool pub by our house, and like a lot of things I think  the original is the best. I was disappointed cuz unless I ordered a burger sans bun it felt there was nothing I could eat. So we didn't stay for dinner hubby had a beer and I had a glass of cab. It was nice to relax over a drink. We then tried a little Mexican restaurant by my hubby's uncles house that he told us about. I think I did good, I only had a few chips and I had 2 corn tortilla tacos with carne yummy I didn't miss having rice and beans.

This weekend we invited my folks over for dinner instead of us going to their house as we always do. I called my Mom yesterday and she was so cute on the phone, she got so excited. We haven't had both of them over for dinner to our new place yet, when we were taking care of a farm they came over a lot, but now we are in an apt...and it's a lot smaller, but it will be cozy :)

 Well I guess that's all for guys are awesome I am inspired and encouraged by the blogs I read and the comments that are left on mine :)

Breakfast: 1/2c oatmeal with strawberry barleans and chopped walnuts, black coffee

Lunch: I took eggs spinach sauteed mushrooms and asparagus put it in a baking dish with blue cheese and made a sort of quiche dish. I ate that as sort of a breakfast filling in a smart and delicious tortilla with sour cream....I think the smart and delicious tortillas are growing on me...and some yummy Guatemalan coffee some co-workers brought back with them after a medical mission.

Snack: 1 square ghiradelli midnight reverie, more black coffee

Dinner: 1 glass red wine, several tortilla chips, 2 carne asada tacos on 4 small corn tortillas.

*21 days of pilates


  1. I love it when you around other people and they make you feel better.
    I hope you have a good time with your parents. No one ever comes to our house, so I understand you being excited about that.

    I hope you get some good weather and have a great weekend. :-)

  2. When days are great and busy at work, it makes them that much better. :) Glad you got to have your parents over, that is always fun. :) Hope you have a nice weekend! Your doing an awesome job as always.