Saturday, April 9, 2011

13th Week BFC Day 5

Hello friends, today was a sad day for me. My folks had a maple tree in their backyard that we has got for my Mom for Mother's Day 10-15 years ago that had to be cut down :( It had a big spit in it and it they have known that it has needed to come down for several years, well today was the day. The backyard looks so bare without it. Sadie my folks dog was bothered by it too, she is a snuggly lovey dog but today she was extra needy and wanted to be by someone at all times...poor Sadie she is a sweetie and I love her so much.

Anyway, not much else to say we did our laundry as usual and hung out with my folks. I'm a little annoyed at some things in my life right now I have a friend that has blown off my txt, phone call and fb messages, and it hurts my feelings. Hubby and I just had a stupid argument, and I am annoyed at him. And we just realized tonight that we made plans to go out of town Eater weekend and hubby is irritated with us for not being here to spend Easter at church and with family.I just had to vent a little.

This coming week I plan to be a little tighter on the weight is up .5 lb this week from the indulgences I had: wine, chocolate torte, pizza, brandy in my coffee. I'm inspired by what Sherri said today in her post...she was diligent this last week and mixed it up and lost. I am so happy for her, and for everyone when they find success. So, I plan on using my journal to keep track of my s/c values and not drink, I think that is a good realistic plan for me.

*18th day pilates


  1. Sorry about the tree - but maybe you guys can plant another one soon.
    I know how you feel about the friend thing. You know I have had my share of the same thing and no matter haw you slice it - it still hurts your feelings. You just want to know what you did wrong.
    Don't worry about the 1/2lbs it will come right back off.
    have a great day :-)

  2. I love trees too. They feel like friends and it hurts to lose them. This winter we lost several. I have a friend with a wood stove and a fireplace and he came to chop the tree into sections and then use it in his home. A bit later in the year, I am going to plant new trees to replace the lost ones.

    Your strategy to be a bit stricter with the BFC is a good one, though I think that half pound is nothing to worry about, whatever helps you keep on going to your goal is worth doing.

    I guess all of us have had our share of bumpy relationships, I know I have! Sometimes I handle it well, and sometimes I don't, lol. Most of the time though I try to give everybody the benefit of the doubt, you never know what they are going through. Everyone is fighting some battle of their own, especially nowadays, when times are so tough.

    Wishing you the best Katie!

  3. Let me tell ya girl, I understand the annoying hubby sometimes. Me and my hubby get in lots of stupid arguments and then generally make up the next day. We gotta learn to pick our battles and compromise. Its hard, so hard at times, but this is what I think we have to learn. That is sad about the tree, but like Rosalie said maybe you can plant another one soon in honor of the one that grew for so many years. :) Don't worry about the 1/2 pound cuz I gained two lbs this week and I don't know why cause I ate so healthy so I thought. Weight in women is up and down like crazy. It might just be the stress that added the bit of weight.