Tuesday, April 19, 2011

15th Week BFC Day 1

Hello to all! Today was another decent day with crazy spring weather. Hubby brought our new ford taurus home today...whoo hoo. I am super glad to have a car again with the crazy gas prices...we were borrowing a taho until we got our car.

* Randi, thanks for the nice comment, I know I have said it before but I'll say it again, you inspire me and I hope to be in the mid-low 130's soon.

*Kay, there is sugar free candy that we can have, I love the dove sugar free creme's I buy them at walmart, you just have to keep in mind to count the carbs...but 1-2 is perfect and raspberry is my favorite. My problem that I need to watch out for is the hard candies that look like strawberries at work, I'm sure they are high in sugar and are not belly good.

*Marjorie, great to hear from you I would love to hear how you are doing on the bfc. Right now I am doing malibu pilates my Mom gave me a pilates chair and I have been doing their dvd's. But, I have also done and really like the windsor pilates, and Denise Austin's pilates...I hope that helps :)

Breakfast: 1 flax seed muffiny thing with almond butter and barleans, black coffee, peach tea with benefiber, 2 scrambled eggs

Lunch: salad with butter lettuce, roast beef, pepper jack cheese, kalamata olives, radishes, celery olive oil and vin dressing, edamame

Dinner: butter lettuce and romaine salad with chicken, bacon, feta, sliced almonds, green part of green onions, 1-2 glasses cab.

* 22nd day Pilates and my first day of zumba 20 min express


  1. How did you like Zumba? I have the 20 minute one too. Maybe if I did it at home once in awhile I wouldn't look like such a dork at the Y:)
    What in the heck are barleans?

  2. So far I like it, I'm sure I will like it more once I get better...I'm not a very good dancer so shakin my hips is doesn't come easily :)

    Barleans is a supplement they have flax oil and fish oil...but it's not nasty they are flavored and delicious. I have tried lemon, strawberry banana and now blackberry. I put it on greek yogurt, oatmeal, toast instead of jam. It's one of the products Jorge reomends in the book. It's a little pricey $21 for the 16 oz flax and $29 for the 16 oz fish oil. I think next time I'm gonna try to order it off amazon with other products I can't get here like nature's hollow preserves, on Rosalies amazon page it's only $18.

    I hope that was a helpful answer. Have an awesome day :)

  3. Glad you got your car! yay for that!! Zumba will get easier, it was hard for me at first. You would think I would have learned to dance having a latin husband, but nope lol!! The latin women can only shake there hips, I think its part of the culture. Me I just look like a dork, but hey at least we are being healthy exercising and losing weight. :) Core Rythms is a fun work out too!! Hip Hop Abs with Shawn T will give you a major major abs work out if you ever come across those DVDS. I need to make a goal of trying to get back to working out again. So I admire you for doing so well with maintaining your pilates!! Keep up the awesome work girl!!

  4. Gas is really crazy over here in california.
    I have never tried the dove candy, I guess maybe I think it will taste too sweet and I had and still have a crazy sweet tooth.
    I really have to give you props for doing the exercise regularly. That is one thing that I really should do.
    Have a great day :-)

  5. The really great thing about exercise is that it ultimately feels so good you just want to keep doing it.

    I think Zumba looks like fun! And the Pilates chair, a la Susan Lucci also looks like fun to me.

    Keep it up Katie, you won't regret it. Working out first thing in the morning on an empty stomach for 20 min. uses your stored belly fat for fuel, rather than the food you have eaten. And I am here to say it works because my belly IS slowly shrinking. And, after the 20 min. then you go have a "belly good" breakfast.