Thursday, April 28, 2011

16th Week BFC Day 4

Hello everyone. I did not intend my blog yesterday to sound negative I just found myself thinking how life is less than ideal and what to do in those situations. I have been thinking about how to set yourself up for success and be realistic at the same time. For example several weeks  ago hubby and I were grocery shopping and I wanted to buy a bag of chicken tenders and hubby wanted to buy a whole chicken cuz it was a better deal...but I pointed out that I had just started a new job and we should be realistic about me working and having time to make dinner. Cooking a whole chicken during the week when you work until 6:30 is not realistic.

It's been a long busy week, one of my co-workers is having back problems so I have been doing several 10 hr days and doing the work of two, but I'm a team player and I'm not complaining. I have been hauling my butt out of bed at 5:30 this week to do 20 min of zumba before breakfast. It has been super hard for me to get up and do it, I am not a morning person. I usually get up at 6 and work at 10 and I have plenty of time to exercise and get ready on my normal schedule. I have been doing the zumba 20 min express and I also have the cardio party. That's all of zumba I have done, but I like it and I'm gonna try to stick with it.

Breakfast: egg sandwich with pepper jack on 2 slices Ezekiel 4:9 bread, black coffee

Morning snack: 1/4c oatmeal 1/4c blueberries handful walnuts, black coffee

Lunch: stir-fry with garlic and fresh basil, summer squash, zuc, mushrooms, asparagus, chicken. Mini green olives and 1 square ghiradelli chocolate with peanut butter on top. lots of water during the day

Afternoon snack: worked late and was hungry 4 saltines with tiny peanut butter and tiny nutella

Dinner: hubby made us dinner :) thin pork chops asparagus and potato wedges with sour cream

*20 min zumba before breakfast


  1. Katie, you ROCK!! I know how hard it is to do morning cardio, but it does work. And, you are starting your day off strong, filled with serotonin which will give you energy and positive uplift tor the rest of your day. My suggestion is to give it a solid two weeks and then see how you feel, and whether it is worth it to you to continue.

  2. I really admire you for putting in such long days and still get up and do the exercise. Have you ever thought about a crock pot??
    Just put it on low all day and when u get home the chicken is falling apart and so good. So nice for your hubby to make u dinner.
    Have a great day :-)

  3. Wow Katie, you sure do make the most of your day. I admire you so much for making the extra effort of getting up earlier to Zumba. Your lunches always sound so yummy!

  4. katie....great job for sticking with it! We all have our moments of feeling a little negative about things...when we blog it gets it off our chest. :) I agreee about the crock pot. I make tons and tons of crock pot meals. Pork shoulder with some pulled pork seasoning started the night before makes the best dinner ever and lasts for sandwiches the next day or two depending on the size. Its easy, fast and belly good!! My hat is off to you for doing zumba in the am before work. No amount of bribe could get me to do it and stick with it. LOL. Keep up the good work!!