Sunday, April 10, 2011

13th Week BFC Day 6

Hello friends, where did the weekend go? I can hardly believe it is already Sunday afternoon. Today is a better day, and thank you Rosalie and Helen for the nice comments yesterday. Hubby and I made up, and my friend sent me a txt this morning saying she was just busy, although that it would have been nicer if she had told me that several days ago...but whatever I'm over it and moving on.

Today I slept a lot, drank lots of french press coffee, had some crust less quiche I made and a little white lasagna. Hubby and I drove around and looked at houses. We are hoping to get a starter house sometime this summer/winter...we are just starting to do our homework on it.

I hope everyone had a good weekend. :)


  1. I wish you luck on finding your starter home....sounds so exciting. I remember when we first bought our home how we drove by it several times a day. I have never heard of white lasagna sounds interesting.

  2. I'm glad your friend did contact you. I know that made you feel better.
    Take your time in finding your house. Remember a little spit and polish goes a long way.
    Have a good day :-)