Monday, April 25, 2011

16th Week BFC Day 1...I am a Grandmaster Salad Maker

Hello everyone and thank you for such nice feedback :) I really enjoyed our weekend away and I didn't feel like I missed anything. That one bite of cheesecake was enough, I think my taste buds have changed I don't like things as sweet as I used to. My hubby ate two slices and he didn't feel good the next day. Now that I look back I think I would have been happy having two drinks on Friday, because on Saturday I didn't drink at all. That is a very big step for me, I really enjoy the taste of good beer, wine and some booze. But, the less I drink the more I actually enjoy having less drinks when I do drink. And I agree with you Rosalie I don't think having a drink or two every day is a good idea...cuz I notice that it seems to stall my progress, or make me take as step backwards.

I know what you mean Kay about sweets being a slippery slope, most of the time it's best just to stay away but dark chocolate is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth with little sugar. My favorite is ghirardelli midnight reverie 86% dark 1-2 squares is perfect and it isn't as bitter as some dark chocolates.

Today at work I resisted some yummy cake balls someone brought in. A co-worker told me how to make them and they have to be super duper high in sugar. You bake a box cake, while the cake is still warm mix it up with a can of frosting, form it into balls and then cover in more frosting or chocolate. Sounds good and very belly bad to me. People at work make comments on how healthy I eat I tell them that hubby and I purpose to do so...heart disease runs in our family and my Dad and his Mom have both had heart attacks and we want to do all we can to prevent ourselves having one. I get lots of comments on my salads, cuz they are always yummy and hearty. I told everyone today that I am a Grandmaster Salad Maker :) I've been eating super yummy salads for a long time, but pre-bfc I'm sure they had lots of sugar from fruit. And a lot of my old favorite salad dressings are high in sugar...the other day someone at work was using lite house tangy orange vin is has a whopping 12g of sugar per serving.

Yesterday hubby and I tried clemmy's vanilla bean ice cream...sooo yummy :) Since we don't get clemmy's here I guess I will have to get creative with our ice cream maker.

Breakfast: 1/2c oatmeal with blackberry barleans and walnuts, black coffee

Lunch: watercress salad, heriloom tomato, sliced almonds, pepper jack cheese, tuna, kalamata olives, celery, cucumber blackberry barleans as dressing

Dinner: 1 small baked red potato with butter 1 baby bell cheese

20 min zumba before breakfast although it was hard to get going this morning, but since Helen can do it for 100 days in a row I guess I can do it too :) Pilates after work.

To anyone who is feeling discouraged and like the bfc is not working just give it time and stick it out. Don't give up, keep on plugging away. Anything worth having is worth working for :)


  1. Great job on passing up the cake balls. I know how hard that is to do sometimes.
    I agree - just stick it out and keep doing the BFC and the weight has no where to go but out.
    Have a great day :-)