Wednesday, April 20, 2011

15th Week BFC Day 2...I didn't eat the chocolate costco cake :)

Hello, thanks for the awesome comments, you guys are rock stars. I am sore today from the zumba, but it's a good kinda sore.  On to the good news, there was chocolate costco cake at work and I didn't have ANY! I feel so good about myself, because any other time I have had a small piece. But I thought to myself if those little cake pops at starbucks have 18g of sugar in them, how much sugar would I be getting in a piece of frosted cake. And I thought about all  the good things that I have learned from everyone and I said no to goals are more important to giving in, and telling myself it's ok because I don't do it very often and I deserve it.

 I did have a bite size nestle crunch at work today, and it tasted like crap. I could taste the waxy chocolate. I used to have a roommate who grew up in France because her parents were missionaries and she loved loved loved chocolate. She always had nutella, chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate around, but she  hated the cheaper chocolate because she said she could taste the wax. Dark chocolate that is 60% cacao or higher is amazing for us, it lowers blood pressure, is heart healthy, and helps keep us happy....amen to that.

Breakfast: burrito with scrambled eggs, bacon, pepper jack cheese, sour cream, smart and delicious tortilla, black coffee

Lunch: salad with romaine, chicken, bacon, green onion (green pt only) walnuts, olive oil and vin dressing, bite size nestle crunch

Dinner; another breakfast burrito, scrambled eggs, turkey sausage, sour cream, pepper jack cheese, tea smart and delicious tortilla

*20 min pilates on an empty stomach...well, I hope coffee doesn't count, if it does please let me know Helen :)


  1. HI Katie,
    Al your meals sound great. I am very proud of you for passing up the chocolate cake. That is my favorite too and I know that must have been hard. Turn around...pat-pat-pat.
    I eat 2 squares of 85% dark chocolate almost every day and I love it now.
    Have a great day :-)

  2. Thanks for asking Katie. I am really a quiet lurker. I started the BFC last year at Lent. I would be considered small, and really only wanted to control my sugar addiction and get rid of that ~10 pounds that hung over my jeans. Within two weeks that was gone (I go up and down ~2 pounds) and I have tried to eat BFC for the past year...SO much better than before eating dessert after breakfast! I was awful. Now I like to read the blogs to get ideas and try to help my youngest as she struggles with the college poundage. You are adorable and remind me of my girls so I enjoy checking up on you..(not in a creepy way!) You also had a rash..and so did my daughter..she struggled with it for 4 months..and I was the hero as I figured out what it was from ..when no one else could! It was her shampoo. She is a natural blond and was trying to boost her winter dullness with John Frieda go blonder shampoo..I happened on a web site where there was a picture of MY daughters same rash (almost a burn) and 98 pages of people talking about having the same..and it was all JOHN FRIEDA products the worst being the go blonder....She threw it away and after a week back on tresseme she solved her 4 month if that rash persists...change your shampoo...(my other daughter's eyes swelled shut with pantene) now when I hear about rashes I want to tell everyone "think Shampoo!" Oh..and I too like those muffin things...I use oil instead of butter because it mixes together easier..and I have used molasses instead of sweetener for a special treat when I am craving my favorite cookies....You are doing great..and I need to return to lurkerville where I belong....Marjie..

  3. Great job passing up the cake!! I know I couldn't do it so easily. I have been craving chocolate like crazy this week, but maybe its PMS or something. All your foods sound great especially those breakfast burritos! mmm!!

  4. Great job passing up the chocolate cake Katie! And I love your reasoning for doing so.

    After almost a year on the BFC and FT I really feel it if I eat too much sugar, I actually get hot flashes. This has happened EVERY time I have not been strong about sugar, my guess is that somehow the excess sugar triggers my hormones in some way. I have not had hot flashes since starting the BFC except if I am not careful with sugar.

    As for coffee before your empty stomach workout, Jorge says a glass of water and that's it. So, I have my coffee after finishing.
    Bravo for you for trying it out! Please keep me posted on how it goes for you.

  5. Katie, I feel like a proud Mom! Good job!!! Did you like Zumba?