Monday, April 18, 2011

14th Week BFC Day 7 Probiotics make us healthier

Hello friends, thanks for the encouragement I truly appreciate all of you!!! Today was a great day, busy busy at work but I'm not complaining. No cheats today, and I feel good. I did pilates twice today before and after work I think I'm gonna try to do that all week. I took a cue from Rosalie and I put benefiber in my coffee this morning. Hubby has high school youth group tonight  and I really wanted to stop for some food on the way home, but I thought about how badly I want to get to my goals and I resisted. I had a can of tuna and olives for dinner instead, strange I know but I didn't feel like cooking and it filled me up.

I read an awesome article in  Women's World April 4th Magazine that I want to share. The title of the article is The Bacteria that can make you guessed it Probiotics.

1. Probiotics prevent infection by boosting immune function. Our digestive tracts produce up to half of our immune cells and it needs healthy bacteria to function properly.

2. Probiotics shield our heart by lowering blood fats.  Probiotics help block cholesterol absorption in the digestive tract and help improve how our liver functions and helps to lower the production of artery clogging fats.

3. Ease stomach woes by pushing out bad bacteria. Probiotics help heal and strengthen the digestive tract, and helps to reduce bloating, constipation, gas and diarrhea.

4. Soothe irritated skin by quashing inflammation. Probiotics can help cut flare ups of eczema, allergies and other skin problems by kick starting the production of skin healing anti-inflammatory compounds.

Breakfast: 1/2c oatmeal, walnuts, barleans, black coffee 2 fried eggs with pesto

Lunch: stir fry with kale, celery, asparagus, green beans, yellow squash, leftover roast beef

Dinner: tuna and kalamata olives

*Pilates 2x today


  1. Great job on staying strong! Sometimes it is moment by moment but staying focused on the end result definately helps! I love tuna and olives. =0) I make my tuna sandwiches with olives, lettuce, onion and celery. YUM! Plus, its just really good for you! I need to start doing my probiotics a couple of times a week again. I always forget to pack them with my lunch and dinner is always chaotic with all the sports going on in my house. No excuses! As soon as I get done with my comment, I am going to toss the bottle in my lunch bag. I have felt a slight change in my digestion so this may be just what I need to make sure things stay on track! I just love the BFC and what it is doing for our lives!

    Have a great day!

  2. you may have answered this before..but do you do a pilates dvd? Could you give me the name? You are inspiring. Keep on keeping are doing great.

  3. Thanks for the probiotics info, really important to know. Jorge recommends a probiotic of at least 30 billion with at least 2 strangs of bacteria. I take a probiotic daily and I think it is really helpful, in every way that you have described above. I honestly think everyone should take them. It can take some time for the bacteria to regrow, so you may not see results for a few weeks but you WILL see them.
    Hugs to you Katie!

  4. Good references from the article. Lots of good info. :) Thank you for sharing. I need to tell a friend about the probiotics for her exzema. I didn't know this helped with other things then digestion. Now I will have to show her that article. I need to start back on my probiotics now that I am done the super cleanse.