Sunday, May 29, 2011

There will never be a perfect day to follow the BFC

Good morning everyone, and thank you for such nice comments yesterday. Next time I am at the store I plan of trying the peach tea that you guys suggested. I love that tea and coffee can be so relaxing or energizing, and bfc friendly if you don't load them up with sugar or fake sugar. Yesterday hubby and I made a nice egg scramble for brunch and laid on the couch and watched the Sopranos, we then went grocery shopping and after that I took an amazing nap. When I woke up hubby made us a nice pork chop, asparagus and roasted potato dinner and we watched more Sopranos. I did have one beer before dinner which was nice and I'm proud of myself for not having more.

I read a great article titled Characteristics for Success by Shannon Dey  from Fitness Rx Magazine April 2011l. The first thing we have to realize is there will never be a perfect day to get started on any diet or exercise plan. Life happens every day, we are often stressed, tired and have a lot on our plates. We shouldn't let that deter us from our goals, successful people deal with life's curve balls and get back on the wagon. "The woman who succeeds  finds a way to make it work consistently day in and day out, knowing there will NEVER be a perfect day to start or follow her plan". That is just a small snippet but it's what stood out to me.

I am feeling really motivated to get where I want to be. My HS class president is taking a survey on facebook to see if there is enough interest in having our 10 year HS reunion. I went to a small school there was only 41 in my graduating class. I hope we have one, although I have mixed feelings about going. I do and I don't want to go...I'm sure everyone can relate to that feeling. I am glad I am doing the bfc and exercising cuz if we do have one I want to feel good about how I look. A little selfish I know, but hey it's the truth. Well, I guess that's all for now...keep up the bfc :)

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