Thursday, May 19, 2011

19th Week BFC Day 3

Good morning friends, yesterday flew on by. On a friends facebook page she had her horoscope posted which happens to be the same as mine Aquarius, I don't put much stock in astrology but man some of it really fit me yesterday "you're not in the mood for routine, self-discipline or making nice. You want to take care of yourself -- so do it! You've got sick days, so take one -- or even two. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health." I had the day off yesterday because a co-worker desperately needed some hours and I wanted a day off...I thought I would be super motivated with my day off but at first I had a hard time getting going. I just pushed through it and got everything done I wanted to. Zumba cardio party in the morning, I cleaned my kitchen, got a baby gift for a co-worker who is having twin girls, made her a super cute baby card, hung out with my Mom, got some new make-up I desperately needed, sat outside in the sun and had dinner with my folks.

I am now under 138 lbs....Lately I've been 136.4 and 137.4 I feel good and my clothes are getting looser. I am feeling good about myself these days and that feeling is priceless :) Well, I better get going I have today off as well and there is a lot I want to get done.

*Zumba cardio party


  1. Sometimes those horoscopes are right on - have fun on your days off. :-)

  2. I am so happy for you Katie. Feeling good about yourself is indeed priceless...go for it. YOU deserve it.

  3. That is awesome:) If your friend needs any advice on raising twins....I'm here:) I hope she has a lot of energy!
    I just came in from the sun, it feels soooo good!!!