Sunday, May 1, 2011

16th Week BFC Day 6

Hello everyone and Happy Sunday!!! I was planning to blog yesterday evening for the day but we got home from my folks late. My hubby is helping his uncle by fixing his van so he can sell it, so he was gone most of the morning. While he was gone I relaxed and drank coffee and caught up on my favorite shows on hulu. Then I did zumba's cardio party...when I first started some of the moves hurt my knee ( I broke my knee cap a year ago and had to have it surgically fixed) but I think it is really helping me to get strength back in my knee and hip.

We went to my folks for dinner and to do laundry. For dinner we had asparagus, chard, au gratin  potatoes, and ham..the ham we had was from some friends who raise pigs and it was very lean and super tasty. For dessert I made lemon bars from Lauren's healthy indulgences blog...yum! Although they were a little sweet so next time I think I will use less xyiltol and more lemon. My hubby loves all things lemon so it was great to find him a healthy alternative. If you look up the recipe they are the raspberry swirll lemon bars, but I omitted the raspberries cuz hubby didn't want them.

Yesterday was the last day of my anitibiotics yay! My face has cleared up and I am so thankful. I know I am losing weight because my clothes fit much better, but the scale isn't going down. I've been 138 for a while now. I am hoping I am losing fat and gaining muscle, because I didn't consistently exercise before I started the bfc. I showed my Mom my tummy yesterday and she said "wow" so I guess I shouldn't worry about the stupid scale.

Breakfast:  Orowheat healthful 10 grain english muffin with 31g carb, 2g sugar and 7g fiber...with almond butter and black coffee

Lunch: spinach chicken salad with cucumber, heirloom tomato, basil, blue cheese, walnuts, newman's Caesar dressing...I sam adams beer

Snack: cheese stick and walnuts

Dinner: ham, asparagus, chard, au gratin potatoes, 1 small lemon bar for dessert

*Zumba cardio party


  1. Maybe it is the exercising, but remember how our eight goes up and down. So if its staying the same - that is probably good.
    Have a great day :-)

  2. I have always been one to worry about the number on the scale but have realized that is not the only way to measure our success. My husband has taken my measurements every month and even when the scale showed nothing I had lost tons of inches.

  3. You go girl! Maybe reading your blogs will make me do my Zumba 20 minute DVD at home on the days I don't go to the gym. I have no excuses! I love lemon bars, I will have to look for the recipe. Did you have to order the xylotot online?
    On Zumba, it is REALLY important that you have shoes that allow lateral movement. Especially if you have a bad knee. No tread on the soles of the shoe. Good job girlie:)

  4. The scale is not always an accurate measure of where you are. If you are on plan and consistent, the weight has to eventually come off. Your body goes through changes you cannot immediately see as part of the process. Be patient and consistant regardless of the scale. As Jorge says, the scale does eventually catch up with your intentions. Just keep on keeping on Katie. Your stomach IS shrinking, based on your Mom's observations and your own. You are getting there! A day at a time, a step at a time, a moment at a time. YOU CAN DO IT! (())