Wednesday, May 11, 2011

18th Week BFC Day 3

Hello everyone. Today was another beautiful day that I missed....I was really hoping that I could get the day off, but my co-worker had other plans. I worked late and hubby worked late. And to top things off my landlord trimmed the bushes in front of our slider that gave us privacy...bloody hell! The other apts had their bushes more trimmed and they wanted a more uniformed look, which is understandable it just sucks for us because we had more privacy before. More motivation to get out of our apt and into a house.

Before work I did pilates and zumba cardio party and sat in the sun for 15mins before is good, sometimes the small things piss me off. Bfc friends please continue to post so that we can support each other and help keep each other accountable. I know blogging takes time and life is busy, but I really believe having a supportive network when trying to lose weight or make a lifestyle change is the key to success. I turned down homemade spit pea soup because the last time I had it my bfc friends told me it was high in sugar.  Bfc friends hang in there we are doing this for out health and to feel good about ourselves and to fit into cute summer clothes....don't give up!!!!

*zumba and pilates before work


  1. You go girl! Working out before work is impossible for me. Mentally that is. Keep going and you will not only lose the fat but see nice toned muscles under there!!!!

  2. Sorry about the bushes. You have so much motivation to exercise every day like that. I need to be more like you. You talking about pea soup makes me miss it even more. That by far, is my favorite soup. I had it often before. My mom used to make a big pot of it when I was little all the time. :-(
    Have a great day...

  3. My guess is that everyone is still here, blogger has just been down for a couple of days for some kind of extended maintainance. Sounds like you have worked hard this week, but it is the weekend now,so I hope you can rest up and chill out a bit. Definitely sit in the sun and soak up the vit D proud of you exercising every morning! I promise you won't be sorry. Have a great weekend. (())