Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day everyone!!! Today was a great day, I did 20 min zumba before breakfast and before hubby got up, went to church even though I wanted to stay home. We went to costco and bought my hubby some new levi's which look great on him for only $22, our sonicare heads were on sale and got some salmon and shrimp per my Mom's request. I love salmon but we don't eat a lot of it, I find it expensive for the two of us, plus we get lots of omega-3's from nuts and barleans. We then went to the store and got a few things and some beautiful tulips for my Mom, costco's flowers were expensive and didn't look very good, Safeway had beautiful flowers for a good price.

I talked to my mother-in-law they are moving back to WA from Philly next month and I talked to my sister-in-law. I feel like I had a good productive day with the fam. My folks and Sadie came over for dinner and we had a super nice time. I am very blessed with a good family and hubby's family is awesome. One of the best things I like about having company over is how nice and clean we make everything :)

Kay the smart and delicious tortillas have grown on me...I love that they are high in fiber and they make such easy breakfasts and lunches. Maybe you would like them if you gave them another shot.

Well, I guess that's all for now...the weekend went by too fast as usual. I hope everyone has a nice Monday and makes belly good options. Short and bathing suit season is just around the corner, I want  to keep up the bfc cuz I want to be happy with myself this summer. My 10yr HS reunion is coming up this summer...I decided today I will probably go, I wasn't sure before. I figure if I don't like it or feel uncomfortable I can always leave early, but if I don't go I might regret it. Besides I feel better about myself now than I have in a long time...and not just because I have lost weight.


  1. I just love sams club and costco. I don't know what we ever did without them. I really think you should go to the reunion. At least its only 10 years and you will remember everyone LOL.

  2. I agree, you should go to your 10 year reunion. I missed ours because I was over here, in Hawaii, and my best friend from San Diego said she went and all the cutest guys on the football team were all bald headed and heavy, and all the cute, popular girls are not anymore, but the nerds are all rich, and handsome. Go Figure! I saw the flowers in our Safeway store here and all of the roses were so gorgeous too! I added your blog to my page today. Your May pics are showing a leaner you, yeah!