Wednesday, May 18, 2011

19th Week BFC Day 2

Hello everyone! Thank you for your comments, you guys helped me to put things into perspective. Instead of being pissed at my hubby having his hours cut I'm grateful they did that instead of cutting jobs, and in regards to his co-worker I need to be a good listener when hubby needs to vent about him and not take on his problems. Randi's post from the other day helped me realize that, thanks Randi :)

Ezekiel bread is good, but I have been eating it our of convenience we didn't do any real grocery shopping during the weekend hubby and our nephew picked up stuff for their boys night, and Sunday we picked up sandwich stuff for the week. Plus hubby does HS youth group on Monday nights so I don't usually like to make dinner just for myself. Today was another sandwich day...egg sandwich for breakfast and 2 turkey sandwiches through the day. I just felt hungry today and I ate a lot.

Breakfast: black coffee egg sandwich with Ezekiel bread and 2 fried eggs

Morning snack: turkey colby cheese and avo sandwich on Ezekiel bread black coffee 1 square ghiradelli chocolate

Lunch: another turkey sandwich with avo, spinach salad with green olives, tomatoes and parm cheese with newman's olive oil and vin dressing, another square of ghiradelli chocolate

Snack: rest of salad and another square of chocolate, lots of water with lemon, 2 saltine crackers with peanut butter

Dinner: glass red wine, steak, potatoes, artichoke

*20 min zumba before breakfast


  1. Your welcome! Most of the time its all about perspective. =)

  2. Hey girl, Yup he is very lucky to have any kind of job right now. It does sound like you ate a lot, but compare that to what we ate before.
    Have a great day :-)

  3. You go Katie! We had a beautiful day of weather here so it made me excited for summer. Good job on all of your exercise, I hope it rubs off on me!