Sunday, May 8, 2011

17th Week BFC Day 7

Hello and Happy Mother's Day!!!! Yesterday was a great day we sold most of our crap I learned that hubby is a good little salesman and my Mom is a good haggler :) I made lunch and coffee for everyone. It rained in the morning but that was ok everything was in the garage and the sun came and went the rest of the day. I brought my smart and delicious tortillas and had a breakfast burrito, and for lunch made wraps with spinach, leftover pork roast cheese and a little tomatoes. Super yummy, I think I will keep bringing the tortillas over for belly good options.

Some of the bfc is rubbing off on my folks...yay!! My Dad had a cinco de mayo party at work and a co-worker was telling him he should have some lemonade...he looked at the can and it had 42g of sugar and he didn't drink it. Kudos for him. He used to get the kirkland brand weight loss shakes several years ago and I remember they had a ton of sugar, crazy huh.

Well, I guess thats all for now we need to go to costco today and get some shrimp and other things cuz my folks are coming over for Mothers Day. I hope everyone has a great day :)


  1. You are a good daughter to cook for your family! Good job! It sounds like that pork roast went a long way, I will have to try that.
    I was a slim fast girl for years because I left for work early. I can't believe how much sugar is in that too. It is kind of a bummer because it was so easy to do.
    So you are really getting used to the tortilla's? Maybe I will give them one more try. They can't be any worse than the greens:)

  2. i am so glad you like those tortillas. I love them - but a lot of people don't. I think they don't realize you need to warm them up first on a griddle or pan. It's great that you sold some stuff.
    Have a great day :-)