Monday, May 9, 2011

18th Week BFC Day 1

Hello friends! What a Monday, did you guys feel the same way? Ahh.....touch and go weather all weekend and a beautiful Monday, go figure. As to my 10 yr reunion, no official word yet just my opinion as if I should go or not. I plan to go, if nothing else I will end up with good stories. I can be hard on myself, I haven't finished college and I don't have kids...the stuff you feel you need at reunions...but I have an awesome hubby and  a good marriage...and I know one day school will fall in place.

Today I saw my sis-in-law, she is a great person and I love her very much. My nephew will be 9 in July and I love him so much. I used to be the shinny penny along with grandma, but now grandpa and uncle Todd are cool....but it's all good. Uncle Todd is planning to have Logan spend the night  on Friday, that means my sis-in-law and I plan to have a girls night..yay!!!!

*20 min Zumba before breakfast...even though I had to drag my sorry ass out of bed :) I usually work at 10, today I worked at 7:30


  1. You just have to go to your reunion! The 10 year isn't as fun as the 20 or 30, but it will be a lifetime memory! Go with your head help high!
    Our weather was absolutely beautiful today. It felt so good to sit in the sun!

  2. I don't think it matters how smart you are or how many kids you have - all that matters is that you are happy. Just flaunt that in their faces. :-)