Tuesday, May 3, 2011

17th Week BFC Day 2

Hello friends, thank you for the nice comments and input on my amazon order. The dreary weather is really getting to me I could really use some nice spring sun. Hopefully it is nice this weekend my parents and their neighbors are having a garage sale on Sat and hubby and I are putting a bunch of our crap in. Hopefully some stuff goes and what doesn't go we will donate. I don't really have much to say today, hubby said he would do zumba with me tomorrow morning so hopefully he will. He has said he will do zumba with me, I asked him if he wanted to tonight and he said he would tomorrow. He needs to start exercising his cholesterol is high and he needs to try and lower it on his own. He is very willing to do this by diet and exercise it's just a matter of getting him started and getting him in a groove. So think positive thoughts for hubby :)

Breakfast: burrito with smart and delicious tortilla 3 turkey sausage links, pepper jack cheese, sour cream, 1 small tomato. The smart and delicious tortillas have really grown on me and I love breakfast burritos. black coffee with benefiber.

Lunch: wrap with smart and delicious tortilla bacon, chicken, spinach, 2 small tomatoes, mini green olives, 1 baby bell cheese, black coffee.

Snack: celery, 2 saltines one with peanut butter and one with a dab of nutella more coffee and lots of water

Dinner: tacos, 2 corn tortillas chicken, avo, cilantro, tiny bit small tomato, pepper jack cheese, napa cabbage sour cream

*20 mins zumba before breakfast, pilates after breakfast before work


  1. Wow great job I can really tell in difference in the pictures. I am still thinking about trying the Zumba I have read so many comments of people writing about home much they love it.

  2. Great job on the eats today! The wraps sound super yummy! :)