Friday, May 27, 2011

No time like the present

Hello friends and Happy Friday! I still haven't fixed my blog it's been a busy week, but I'm sure hubby can help me with it this weekend. Where have all the bfc'ers gone? I am hoping everyone has just been busy. I have been doing pretty good food wise, no wine since Sunday :) Hubby and I went to the store yesterday to get him some beer and he asked me what I wanted and I told him get whatever you want cuz I'm not drinking this weekend. We drank a lot of wine last week although it was super fun (we drank our wine in the park) so this week we decided not to drink during the work week. I have told hubby that I need to give up my beloved red wine for awhile in order to get to where I want to be. I've known this for a long time, I just didn't want to do it...but hey no time like the present, it's time for me to stop making excuses.

So friends, what things do you need to give up to get to where you want to be? Is is small bites, licks, or tastes of cheats? Is it bad carbs? Are you not being honest with yourself on what you are really eating. If you are having a rough time I encourage you to re-read the book or watch some of Jorge's videos on youtube. I want to feel good in my summer clothes and I want all my friends to feel good too.

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  1. Katie, that is a great question. Just because things are within the belly fat guidelines doesn't necessarily mean we shouldn't abstain for awhile while we are reaching for our goals. So I though about your question and realized that there isn't anything I need to give up but I do need to ADD MORE WATER! My digestive system has gotten a bit sluggish again because of the dang kenalog shot and I have been making a half effort to goet more water in but really it hasn't been doing the job. I need to refocus and make sure that I am drinking all my water throughout the day. I can certainly feel the difference in how my body works and think it might be the key to loosing the last two pounds!