Thursday, March 17, 2011

10th Week BFC Day 3

Good morning bfc friends, I feel much better this morning yesterday was another high pms day so I went to bed at nine. I must have needed the extra sleep. Yesterday work was busy, which was nice it made the day go by fast, but one of the nurses pointed out a couple of things that I had forgot, and I'm glad she did, but I was just feeling so much pms I was sensitive, and then when we were leaving I went to get something out of the stock room and couldn't find it....I know this is only my third week, but I just hate when I forget things.

Anyway, after work my folks took hubby and I out to dinner. I love going out to dinner so much, especially for the past several years I have done most of the meal planning, shopping, and cooking. We all had drinks and I had 1 Irish coffee without sugar. It was nice to have one, and I'm glad I had only one cuz it was a work night.

Another thing I forgot to share the other day, I bought barleans strawberry and banana flax oil. So yummy!!! It tastes more strawberry than banana which I like.
 Bfc friends you guys are so awesome, I hope everyone has a happy St. Paddy's Day!!!! It's funny hubby and I have Irish names and are not Irish...hubby comes by the last name McCoy from his step-grandpa who adopted his Dad when he was little. But hey on St. Paddy's Day who cares if you are real Irish or Irish for a day. :)

Breakfast: flaxseed muffiny thing with butter, 3 turkey sausage links, 1/2c fage greek yogurt with strawberry barleans on top, 1 ounce hazelnuts mufa, black coffee

Snack: I baby bell cheese, 1 square ghiradelli midnight reserve mufa, black coffee

Lunch: tuna sandwich with cheddar on 2 slices Ezekiel 4:9, 12 mini green olives mufa

Dinner: 1.5 onion rings for an appetizer, 1 Irish coffee w/o sugar, hamburger with cheese, bacon, avocado mufa, several steak fries

*7th day pilates


  1. "Top O' the Mornin" to you Miss Katie!! I had the Barleans Lemon in my hand yesterday and put it in my cart, then put it back. Just cant justify $20 when I have a huge bottle of Fish oil in my fridge. Wish I could get the other flavors. I think theres a mango and a pink lemonade flavor too that sound yummy. You sure they dont taste fishy?
    Have a Happyy St. Paddys day today and staw away from the green beer but go ahead and eat the green eggs & ham! (yuuch!) lol

  2. Mmm the Barleans sounds yum, but I am not willing to pay the price unfortunately. :( I just have to budget these days and that stuff is crazy expensive. You meals sound wonderful! Keep up the great work Katie. Hope you had a Happy St. Pattys day. :)

  3. I know about money being tight and having to budget super tight, hopefully your business takes off and things are a little less tight.

    So with barleans I've recently noticed that they have flax oil, and the fish that I've had both the fish oil one's have the tiniest fish taste, but it's not bad. The banana strawberry is delish and cheaper...for a bottle of that it approximately $21 and the fish oil was $29.

  4. I used to take 1 spoon full of Barleans every morning, but it has not been on sale lately. Over here in Southern California its real expensive when its not on sale.
    Everybody have a great St Patty's day :-)