Wednesday, March 30, 2011

12th Week BFC Day 2 How I got a fat belly

Hello friends and happy Wednesday hump day :) A co-worker found my notebook yesterday... yay. Work was fine...but the good news is I came home to a nice clean apt, hubby cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed and made the bed. Hubby rocks he is such an awesome husband.

So I was thinking today how did I get the belly fat I hate...Well, I've always had a poochie the fat below your belly button. When I was in HS my family and I were doing the zone, and I started eating oatmeal for breakfast and salads for lunch, I really liked that way of eating  and I found that I feel my best when I eat that way. I ran x-c and track, but I also ate a lot of "healthy" foods full of sugar.

I met my hubby when I was 23 I felt great but I still had that dam poochie despite my best efforts to eat healthy and exercise all the time. While we were dating hubby deployed to Iraq, man that was hard after he came home safely we got engaged right around Thanksgiving 07 for that Christmas we flew back to Philly with his sis and nephew to see his folks who had just moved there. I probably gained 10 lbs, eating, drinking and being merry.

 Planning my wedding was very stressful for me and I continued to emotional eat and drink. On my wedding day I probably weighed 150-160 lbs I never weighed myself, but my clothes didn't fit. I was super stressed and hubby deployed again a month after we got married April 5, 2008. While he was gone I lost weight but still had that dam poochie. After he came home I moved down to CA to be with him, I exercised all the time at the awesome gym on base, but I couldn't lose that stupid poochie. Probably cuz we partied a lot and drank a lot of soda with rum. From what I have learned on the bfc if I had eaten less sugar from soda and other "healthy" foods I think I could have been skinny and sexy.

Today I still have that dam poochie but it is getting smaller. I feel good eating less sugar and better carbs. I also think that less drinking is the key to my success, it's been almost 2 weeks since I had a drink and I feel great. I feel better about myself as my clothes fit better than they have in a long time. Hubby and I are unsure when we are going to try for a family, but I want to develop good habits now so that I don't go crazy when I get pregnant. I watched one of Jorge's youtube video's with Dr. Oz and they said that pregnant women need higher blood sugar for the baby, so when I am pregnant I will probably eat more than 15g of sugar a day, but that's fine. So in a nutshell that's how I got to where I am today.

*14th day pilates


  1. I am pretty much in the same boat as you Katie. I wanna be healthy and learn to eat right before I get pregnant. I plan to try later this year for a baby possibly if I get down to a healthy enough weight. I doctor said if I was about 190, that would be healthy enough to try, but I wanna be around 170 or so before I even tried. My ultimate goal is 140, but don't know if I will wait to get there. I can always eat healthy and try not to gain well prego. We are suppose to have extra calories to feed our babies though, so I heard so we might have to indeed go over what is learned on our BFC plan.

    I gained lots of weight due to financial stress in my marriage and around the wedding planning time gained a lot too. Now that I have been married almost 3 years, I am finally losing. All the stress is not gone, but its getting better and easier to handle.

    Your doing so great Katie!! We are both going to reach our goals, I know it!! :)

    Have a great day. =)

  2. Hope you get the idea, lol...just re-read and found lots of typos. haha!!

  3. I know how much better you must feel by just changing a few things. Maybe if you try not to worry about the pouch so much and just accept it, then maybe it will go away. Reverse psychology.
    Ha Ha :-)
    have a great day !