Sunday, March 6, 2011

8th Week BFC Day 6

Thank you Sherri, Rosalie and Diana for all your encouraging comments yesterday. It is so helpful that we can be honest with each other. Today I am back on the wagon and I feel good about that. I am trying to get better about positive self talk, especially before bedtime. I have found that helps me to rest better and avoid some of those stressful dreams like money stresses. I was talking to a patient where I work last week and she told me that she has been doing Positive Changes, I don't know that much about it I've just seen billboards around town with pictures of people who lost a lot of weight, she told me it involves hypnosis...we didn't talk too much about that but she also said that she listened to tapes morning and night, and they have helped her change how she views food and herself. I just wanted to share that since we have been talking about the power of positive self talk this week.

Hubby and I had a nice relaxing Saturday. We went grocery shopping, got gas that was painful...we paid $3.17, and the highest I've seen it here is 3.39 OUCH. Hubby and I use our costco american express to pay for gas, on gas they give you 3% back, dining and travel 2% and everything else 1%. I guess this is my little commercial for american express, but hubby and I just spent our rebate last weekend and it felt pretty good to get a rewarded for things that we have to spend money on anyway. After shopping we went to my folks for dinner and to do some laundry. It was so nice to go over there my parents love my hubby, I am so glad that I married someone that they like. My Dad and my hubby have many interests in common, my parents didn't like the man I dated before hubby and it made my life stressful, and it stressed my relationship with my folks.

Breakfast: 1/2c brown rice, 1/2 baked potato 1 hard boiled egg. I know it was a strange breakfast but we really really needed to go grocery shopping.

Lunch: 2 tilapia fillets, sauteed spinach which was really good, I usually only eat it in salads but I think I might start doin it this was to.

Snack: 1 cheese stick and 3 slices deli ham.

Dinner: 1/2c wild rice, pork tenderloin, 1/2c homemade split pea soup, asparagus and mushrooms, cucumbers
and a handful of walnuts for dessert.

P.S. Congrats Sherri on your weight loss!!! I am sooo happy for you. Soon you will be in the low 180's. I'm glad your family told you that they can see your weight loss, that always feels so good! :)


  1. Hi Katie, I have heard of the hypnosis thing, but what ever works. You should see how much gas is over here in Southern California, almost $4.00 per gallon. It makes it so much easier when they all get along right?? Lucky you.
    Have a great day tomorrow :-)

  2. Wow! Yea gas is at 3.50 per gallon over here in GA. We are going broke just paying for my hubbys big truck to be filled up. My car luckily is paid for by my families company because I make deliveries occasionally, but lord have mercy its getting crazy. Your meals look great. Not sure about peas though. One time I had some peas, I noticed those and limas have lots of natural sugar. Go figure right? Maybe the small amount in the soup was okay, but just wanted to share that info. ;) I hope that doesn't sound annoying hehe that I pointed that out. Sorry if so. ;) What all did you put in the spinach sautee to make it yummy? I don't make spinach much, but I was thinking about adding it as a dinner veggie :)

  3. Crazy about peas, I didn't realize they are high in sugar. I know the soup didn't have carrots cuz my Dad hates cooked carrots, he is picky and we make fun of him for it. Hopefully in only a 1/2c the soup wasn't too high in sugar, cuz I had another serving today.

    And as always thank you for pointing things out you are truly helping me learn how to get better at the bfc lifesyle

    3.50 a gallon, holy cow, that must be painful filling up your truck, good thing your car is paid for by your families business.

    And, I just sauteed the spinach in a little butter and put a little salt and pepper on top. It's tasty and filling...Sat was the first time I ever sauteed it and I made it again this morning with my eggs.