Sunday, March 13, 2011

9th Week BFC Day 6

Hello bfc friends,
Ya maybe the coleslaw, potatoes, and strawberries were a little much yesterday. I was super hungry we were waiting for my Dad to get home from work, and my Mom didn't have a lot in her fridge or else I probably would have made a salad...but oh well, I guess live and learn.

Today was a nice quiet Sunday. After church I went to walmart, and winco I really like winco they have a big bulk foods section. When we got home we picked up around the house and then just relaxed. We made stir fry for dinner with the shirataki noodles and braggs amino acids...yummm!!! It's funny when we bought the shriataki noodles last week hubby thought they looked weird, but I reassured them that my bfc friends recommend them. They smelled strange, but after I ran them under the water they were fine. And the braggs was a little different but I can get used to it. Especially since it is so low in salt...the less sodium Kirkoman has 24% of our daily sodium per serving and the braggs only has 6%, I'm sold on braggs. I wanted to make ice cream today, but the base wasn't frozen yet :(

I was thinking about the bfc today, I'm feeling good about the progress I've made, the weight is coming off slowly but I think that is realistic and healthy for me. Even when the scale isn't going down my clothes are fitting better. I am so grateful for all my bfc friends, without you I think I would have given up...because I have felt discouraged plenty of times and fallen off the wagon. But I get back on the horse and try again.
Hubby is losing weight and he isn't being super strict either. The biggest things we have done is watch carb portion control, eat less processed sugar, and less natural sugar. Hubby used to but honey in his morning oatmeal, and I used to put honey in my coffee or use the flavored coffee creamers, and we used to eat lots of high sugar veggies and fruits. I always thought more fruits and veggies the better. Well, I guess that's all for now... I hope everyone has a good Monday!!!!

Breakfast: fried egg sandwich on 4 thin slices of baguette, 4 olives, black coffee

Lunch: 6 pieces sushi, sobe lifewater

Snack: 6 inch subway roast beef on wheat with only half the bread, peach tea

Dinner: stir fry with chicken, mushrooms, baby bok choy, asparagus, peanuts, shirataki noodles, 1 sugar free mini peanut butter cup.


  1. Your eating choices are great today!! Good job! I want my hubby to join on this healthy way of eating, but he won't seem too. He needs to and I think the weight would just melt right off because with men it usually does. Maybe one day he will. I think I might make some stir fry tonight minus the shiritaki noodles. I like the noodles, but they fill me up so much. I haven't been able to eat the amounts of food I use too since being on this diet for two months now. Mmmm sushi sounds good. I miss the California rolls...too many carbs though. I guess I could have just a few and it wouldn't hurt.

  2. I just accidently found out about the shirataki noodles and braggs. When I started the BFC, my husband looked up healthy stuff to eat and those were on the list along with Kimchee, which is spicy cabbage. (comes in a jar in the refrigerated section) I found that at the asian super market also.
    I also used to use all the stuff that you used to. I don't miss them anymore.
    Have a great day :-)

  3. Lindsay, I feel for you, it's hard when are hubby's aren't doing the same thing food wise, hopefully he gives it a try.

    Rosalie, have you tried kimchee? It sounds weird to me and I've never tried it. I am so glad I tried the shirataki noodles, eating a serving size of pasta is so unsatisfying it's practically depressing. I plan to try them with pesto next.