Sunday, March 13, 2011

9th Week BFC Day 6

Good morning everyone. Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for the St. Paddy's Day parade, we didn't go but I bet it was nice. Hubby and I had a very nice day, we went to the mall which is something we don't do very often. We bought a Cuisinart ice cream maker on sale at Macy's with a Christmas gift card, some jeans on sale, and a bathing suit for me. I can hardly believe I got a bathing suit, and it was the least painful bathing suit experience of my life!!!! I just showed hubby the bathing suit that I had seen several weeks ago, he said try it on...and if fit...not perfect, but after several more months of the bfc and pilates it will be fine. Whoo's a black tankini with tiny white polka dots. Then we went to nordstrom rack to get hubby some clothes, but we didn't stay cuz it was sooo busy, I've never seen a store that busy without some special sale. The rest of the day we went to my folks, had dinner did laundry and watched college basketball.
And the best part of the night was when my mom told me that my face is looking thinner :) :) :)

Brunch: fried egg sandwich, romaine salad with tilapia, feta, sunflower seeds, newman's Tuscan Italian dressing, black coffee

Snack: several blue cheese stuffed olives, baby bell cheese, several slices deli turkey.

Dinner: salmon, small baked red potato with butter and blue cheese, asparagus, tiny tiny bit of coleslaw

Dessert: one crepe with several sliced strawberries...I'm not sure how belly friendly that was.

*5th day pilates, and apple cider vinegar


  1. Yay on the bathing suit!! Sounds cute! I really hope I am at the point this summer to get a cute bathing suit. Right now, I am not there yet, but hopefully soon if the healthy eating keeps helping me lose weight. Your foods sound great today. I don't know about the crepe, cause it all depends on how it was prepared I guess. I know they make some crepes with just eggs mainly and those one's are perfect. But if it was just one, probably no biggie. :) We have a wonderful weather weekend as well.

  2. Wow - it sounds like you both had a great day. And you got an ice cream maker. Are you gonna try the ice cream out of book??
    Yeah maybe the crepe and strawberries maybe not such a good idea, since you already had the red potato and coleslaw.
    I hope you have a great day at work tomorrow. :-)