Wednesday, March 2, 2011

8th Week BFC Day 2

Hello BFC friends and happy birthday hubby!!! Another busy day, the weather has been crappy it's been doing this snowy rainy crap blah! At least I work inside, poor hubby works outside. The current news on our car: it's looking like it might be totaled there is a lot of damage and they haven't even looked under the hood yet. Another irritation/vent about the car: when we got the call on fri that they found the car hubby went and identified the car to the cops, the stuff we had in the car was still there (cd's & blow up air mattress) the police had our car towed, and today it was taken to the auto shop where hubby works and no cd's and air mattress. :(  The good news is I still am driving the taho, I absolutely love love the heated seats.

Breakfast: 3 eggs. 1/4c oatmeal, 1/4c blueberries, flax, lemon barleans, black coffee

Lunch: spinach, 1/4c rice, moz cheese, 1 apple chicken sausage, pumpkin seeds, black coffee. 1/2 gram cracker with nutella

Snack: macadamia nuts, black coffee.

Dinner: bday dinner for hubby. steak, 1/2 baked potato with butter, sour and chives, asparagus, 1 homemade bread stick.

Dessert: tiny slice lemon cake, my taste buds must have changed with the bfc, cuz it was too sweet and I didn't like it, where as last year I ate lots of it. 2-3 bites rocky road.


  1. Happy Bday to hubby!! Have a fun night tonite going out to dinner. Sorry to hear about the car....I think I missed your post about what happened to it...was it broken into and stolen?? Sorry if I missed it when you posted.
    Have a great day! Sun is shining and its a new month!! Woo hoo!! Full speed ahead!

  2. Happy bday to your hubby! That really sucks about the car. :( Hopefully insurance will take car of all the mess and if its totaled maybe they will give you enough to buy a new car possibly. I know insurance is no fun to work with though and sometimes it can take quite a while, but I will you the best of luck in that situation. =) Your meals sound yummy. You may have went over your sugars for the day, but its just one day and it was a celebration day so I think that is okay. Have a great day!!

  3. Hi Katie, Happy birthday to your hubby!! And sorry he has to work out in the rain. I would be so pissed if that was my car. You should say something to the police. I doubt they will do anything though.
    Have a great night! :-)