Thursday, March 10, 2011

9th Week BFC Day 3

Hello BFC friends,  life is pretty good up here, the weather has been a little snowy/rainy but its not bitter cold so I don't mind. My anniversary is coming up next month and I am using that as motivation to be more disciplined, so no drinking for awhile. I started drinking apple cider vinegar in the morning, I read it helps with weight loss, doing pilates, and making sure I get good fats in..mufas which stand for monounsaturated fatty acids...the fats in oil, olives, nuts and seeds, avocados, dark chocolate. I've read that they help us lose belly fat. So, hopefully my combined efforts will get me closer to my goal :)

Breakfast: 1/2c oatmeal with walnuts mufa, black coffee, apple cider vin

Lunch: napa cabbage salad with 2/3 edamame, 1 slice bacon, avo mufa, cheddar cheese, chicken, sprouts, sunflower seeds mufa

Snack: 1 baby bell gouda, 1 square ghirardelli midnight reverie which is 86% caco and is my new favorite dark chocolate, I find it not as bitter as lindt's 85% caco  (chocolate mufa) and black coffee

Dinner: 2 chicken wraps/tacos, with napa cabbage, bacon, cheddar cheese, tiny bit red onion, sour cream, 10 kalamata olives mufa, 1 dove sugar free raspberry creme.

*3rd day pilates and apple cider vin


  1. Wow, I heard about the apple cider vinegar, but ick!! I can't imagine taking a shot of that!?! How are you taking it? That is great that you are doing pilates, working out will only add that much help to your weight loss and definitely help tone things up. I need lots of toning. I have several dvd workout sets. I am addicted to buying whatever infomercial comes on, but I have stopped in the past year because I think I have enough to chose from now, loL!! I have hip hop abs, p90x, core rhythms, etc. haha!! If only I would apply myself to doing them. One goal I need to add is stop being lazy. Woops sorry, just rambling on here in your comment section. hehe my bad!

    Well it looks like your food choices were totally great!! I bet you got lots of fiber from the edamame (that's a bean of some sort right?) Keep up the great work Katie!!

  2. Good Morning, I'm sorry the weather is crappy over there. It was 85 yesterday and supposed to be 80 today. Come visit :-) So I see the mufas is the stuff that we normally eat with the BFC anyways. And I agree with Lindsay - Blach on the vinegar. I am impressed at how motivated you are and you will reach your goal in no time.

  3. I use to drink apple cider vinegar everyday but I really could not tell a difference in weight loss. I know it has tons of other benefits for your body as well. Sounds like you are doing a great job and your menus look yummy. I too love the ghirardelli chocolate!

  4. I am jealous of you guys with nice weather, or I should say hubby is jealous, he was soaked by 10 this morning.

    I don't just drink straight vinegar, I put 2 tbs in a glass of water, and strangely I like it. I don't know if it will acutally help with weigth loss, but it's worth a try. Diana how long did you take it? Just curious... I've been using the braggs brand, and I know they are good.

    Edamame does have 8g of fiber in a serving which is 2/3c only use that much, cuz it also has one carb...but it's super yummy and works well in stir fry and salad.

  5. Hey Katie! Have to agree on the apple cider vingar...yuck! Couldnt do it! I remember my mom and I went on this ice cream and beets diet. OMG!! IT was the most disgusting diet I have EVER tried next to Herbalife. That was really gross too! To this day, the sight of beets makes me get nauseated! Anyways,if you like it girl, bottoms up then! Glad that you are doing well, and I agree with Rosalie, you will be where you want to be in no time!
    Have a great weekend girl!!