Sunday, March 20, 2011

10th Week BFC Day 7

Hello bfc friends, I usually post in the morning but I work earlier tomorrow so I am doing it now. When I get up in the morning I make some coffee and prop myself up in bed with my hot pad and turn on my side of the bed...this year we got a heated mattress pad on sale at Macy's and it is amazing!!! We don't sleep with it on we mostly use it to warm up the bed because our apt stays so cold. But I also use it while I am on my computer :)

So today was ok except for my hormones going crazy on me, I am now on my monthly and I feel tired, irritable & back cramps :( The good news is I get to switch back to my preferred birth control yaz now that I have my own insurance. When I was on hubby's insurance they didn't cover yaz so I had to switch, the one I switched to made me crazy so I tried another one, and I'm sure going  back to yaz will be trying too...3 different birth control pills in 4 months will do that to ya.

Today hubby had a car wash to raise money for our church's youth group he volunteers with, while he was doing that I had to go over to my folks because we left hubby's set of keys there last night. I had a really nice talk with my Dad in his man room in the basement. Sadie their 2 year old golden retriever kept running up and down the stairs and looking out the window, I think she was looking for my hubby, she is the smartest dog my folks have had. My folks said they liked the  ice cream we brought over last night, although my Mom is sensitive to dairy so next time I think we will try making ice cream with coconut milk, Lauren has a recipe for it on her healthy indulgence's blog.

Breakfast: flax muffiny thing with strawberry barleans, lemon water and psyllium

Lunch: 2 fried eggs, 1/2 avocado mufa, black coffee

Snack: handful walnuts mufa

Dinner: bacon cheese burger without the bun and fries from five guys burgers and fries

*10th day pilates


  1. Great foods! :)

    Hormones always make us ladies go crazy. I am usually super sensitive during pms week. I cry about everything happy and sad etc. Its crazy. My hubby can tell big time. hehe!! I try to control it, but never have used birth control so I can't know if that would have ever calmed me down. I hope your helps you feel more calm. I know its difficult with the ups and downs sometimes.

    I like the unsweet coconut milk or almond breeze with a little truvia in it in my shakes or cereals. Hope you do too. :)

  2. I live in such a warm area that to us its cold if it gets below 60 lol. Dogs are such fun to be around, she was probably looking for your hubby. I drink unsweetened almond breeze and have never tried the coconut one. I don't like processed coconut so I guess I'm not sure I will like it.
    And it has been sooooo long since I took birth control, I really don't remember what it did to me. But I'm sure they are much better now a days. feel better :-)

  3. Hey Katie! Glad you will get your preferred bcp now. I no longer have a uterus (thank goodness!) and dont miss those days at all but that factory is closed now (the baby making factory) and I have no use for that part so I didnt cry when I had my hysterectomy. They tried putting me on Yaz to stop my bleeding and it doestn work very good on 40+ yr olds. Made it worse for me and I ended up in the hospital with a D&C to stop the bleeding. But anyways, sorry, TMI huh. Oh well, we are all girlfriends so its ok, right?
    I tried making the flaz muffin and it turned out really wet. What did I do wrong? I did double the recipe & put it in a small bread pan and I added a few fresh blueberries to it. IT wasnt a very good concotion for me and I ended up throwing it out. Any tips you have to offer would be great!
    Have a good week!

  4. Yes, we are girlfriends and it helps to share....especially about our crazy girl issues. I don't know why the flax thing turned out wet, when I make it tends to be dry so I have to put butter or peanut butter on it. Maybe if you tried it in the coffee cup you could better see if you liked it.