Saturday, March 19, 2011

10th Week BFC Day 5

Good morning friends, yesterday was pretty low key. When hubby got home from  work we made some coffee and went for a walk. We have a lot of good conversations during our walks. We didn't go our last night because we don't want to get in the habit of going out every weekend, since I had the day off the apt was really clean and nice to be in. I think today will be another low key day laundry grocery shopping etc. I guess I don't have a lot to say this moring, I hope everyone has a nice Saturday!!! :)

Brunch: 2 fried eggs, 1/4c pumpkin seeds mufa, 2 turkey sausage links, black coffee

Snack: 2 squared ghiradelli chocolate, 1 oz hazelnuts mufas, 1 baby bell cheese, coffee with brandy in it for our walk

Dinner: 1 beer, stir-fry with chicken, asparagus, 3 mini sweet peppers, edamame mufa celery,  baby bok choy, braggs amino acids

* 8th day pilates, apple cider vin


  1. Wow Katie, how do you get your hubby to go on walk with you all the time? Mine won't - well at least I have the dogs. have a great weekend :-)

  2. Katie, Sometimes it is nice just to take a nice walk and have a relaxing weekend. I know when you are young it may not seem that way but when you get old like me you will come to enjoy

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I been taking walks with my hubby each day after work when its been a nice day at the park near us. We have some great conversations to. :) Glad you and your hubby can have those great conversations too. Looks like your food choices were awesome again. :) Hope you had a great weekend.