Friday, March 18, 2011

10th Week BFC Day 4

Good afternoon bfc friends, I usually post in the morning before work, but today I have the day off...whoo hooo!!! So far I have been very productive, I cleaned the bathroom and kitchen, and meal planned for the next week.  It's crazy how fake sugar and real sugar is EVERYWHERE, I made myself and airborne this morning cuz I don't want to get the nasty crud that is going around, and while the tablet was fizzling away in my water I read that it contains suclarose :( boo. I don't think I will stop using it just because of that, but I am disappointed to discover that.

Yesterday I know I ate more sugar and carbs at work because we had a potluck and I had 3 bites of a yummy chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting, and 3 bites of a frosted sugar cookie. Frosted sugar cookies are hands down my favorite cookie and I enjoyed those 3 bites very very much.  And I also had some guacamole chips, I looked at the bag and they didn't have any sugar, but I probably ate 2 servings of carbs, but it was worth it....I don't eat chips very often.

Breakfast: flax seed muffiny thing, 1/2c greek yogurt with strawberry barleans, 2 turkey sausage links, black coffee

Snack: 1 square ghiradell mufa, 1 baby bell cheese, black coffee

Lunch: tuna sandwich with 2 slices Ezekiel 4:9, 12 mini green olives, pumpkin seeds mufa, 3 bites chocolate cake, 3 bites frosted sugar cookie, black coffee, guacamole chips

Dinner: not very hungry, several garlic stuffed green olives mufa, small portion scrambled eggs and potatoes


  1. It's nice to get stuff accomplished when you have free time. I think it makes us feel better in a way. Your lunch wasn't too bad - it could have been worse before BFC. I hope you have a god weekend. :-)

  2. Sounds like you and your hubby have a great relationship. Cherish it and never lose that good communication. Happy Saturday to you too!!