Wednesday, March 2, 2011

8th Week BFC Day 3

Hello BFC friends, thank you for the bday wishes for hubby, he had a nice bday. I want to make him something special from the healthy indulgences blog, I meant to do it for his bday, but I have to go to the health store...hopefully this weekend. Our car situation: it was stolen, the police found it, it is at the shop now, it might be totalled, and the tow truck company stole stuff from our car.

If I haven't shared, I really appreciate the comments that are left on my blog. They provide much encouragement, and help keep me on track. Thank you Lindsay for reminding me that I need to be a little more careful about the sweets I put in my mouth, a little nutella here, a bite of ice cream there, and bam I consuming way too much sugar, and bam bam my jeans don't fit the way I want them to again.

Breakfast: 1 avocado, 2 fried eggs, black coffee

Snack: 1 baby bell cheese, sunflower seeds, black coffee

Lunch: spinach salad, arugula, cherry tomatoes, 1/4c rice, moz cheese, celery, 1 apple sausage (although the sausage made my tummy hurt), I guess hubby will have to eat the rest.

Dinner: soup, pirate booty, 1 bread stick


  1. Hehe!! I would hate to make anyone mad by pointing something out like that, but I would love it if someone did it for me. :) hehe!! I mean that is one reason I like to post what I eat so people can say that looks like to much fat or sugar, etc. I am really bad about going over my carbs sometimes, and heck even with my sugars. You wouldn't realize sugar is in so many things you never could expect it to be. :( Its a bummer sometimes, but other days its not so bad.

    You food today sounds great! :) Good job girl!

  2. Lindsay, you would never make me mad about that, I appreciate your comments. The whole point of posting what we eat is to keep us honest, so we can make the changes we need to lose the weight we want to, and keep it off.

    Man, sometimes it is hard, with hidden sugars everywhere. But I know persistance will pay off, and a lifetime of no fake sugar and low real sugar will help me feel better, and be healthier.

  3. Yeah I agree - we post so we can all help each other out. The comments are all meant in love.
    Have a great day :-)